Monday, December 17, 2007

This is our new home to be... :)

the first image is the view from the front door. on the right you can see a bit of the kitchen. we will see more details of this in a bit.

the next image is what you see to the left after you immediately step in the door.

the image on the left you find a nook... the door to the right in this nook is our laundry room.

the image below is the coat closet and then to the left you would enter the garage (not pictured).

now you step further into the living room and to the left is another nook with doors to the bonus room upstairs to the left and our master bedroom to the right. both pictured below.

this is the bonus room above.
and below you see the master bathtub.

this is our vanity in the master bathroom.

this is the toilet :) pretty pretty! jerm is just thrilled he got his ' closed off ' potty wish!

and our closet when you turn to the left.

and closet when you turn to the right.

and then below we have gone back to the front door and we are looking to the right.
this is the formal dining room. i will be having a display gallery in here along with an office.

okay... in the image to the left you are looking from the formal dining room into the kitchen. the big hole is where our UGLY cream fridge is tentatively going.

the image to the right is standing in the 2nd dining area looking back into the kitchen and living room and the doorway through to the formal dining room.

and to the left is the remaining part of our kitchen with a doorway you can see on the left of this picture... this leads you into the hallway from the guest bath and the two additional bedrooms.
down this hallway all the way to the right... up towards the
front of the house is {a} & {i}'s room...

below you see the closet with the doors closed.

and open.

this is the vanity in the guest bathroom. :)

this is the bathtub in the guest room.

this will be the guest room.

and the closet.

and inside the closet! :)

okay and if you made it this far... here is the back of the house. :) I know I know... no front. :)
SO SORRY... come visit!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

This was another AWANAS night. OUCH NIGHT!
Our neighbors probably think some wild things with all the picture taking we do of the oddest situations. The girls thought this was just wonderfully fun!
AWANAS is really proving to be a TON of fun. The girl's lives are definitely being enriched!
ANYWAY love you guys... hope you have been enjoying these posts!

A few weekends ago Abigail was chosen as the first weekend crab sitter for their class pet, Whitey, the hermit crab. It was fun. Abigail TOTALLY wants a pet and is hoping this experience showed us she is responsible enough. However, if any of you know me very well at all... you KNOW animals and my self are not the best of friends. I do have to say I think this would be an easier option than even fish. :)
Anyway... here are some pics for you to enjoy!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Comments... :)

Please o please o please... let me know you if you are checking out the blog... comment or whatever :) once you are signed up it will let you comment at any point... and you will not have to sign up again... and it will allow you to post on any blog on blogspot.
Anyway... I want to know people are actually checking this out... otherwise... no need to post lol!


Isabelle is the Hoyle Family's newest soccer star!
She is totally loving it. :) Here are a few pics for you all to check out.

She has a SUPER POWER kick!

Taking a break for a quick drink! Whew... soccer is a workout! :)

Sadly this is how she wanted to spend most of the game... crying in my arms... :( she wanted me on the field with her... I know this is super odd, but this league does not allow the children to be attached to mother's hips for game play! *wink*

YAY CHALLENGERS!!! Awesome 1st game... you guys worked hard and it paid off!


The girls are attending AWANAS at a local chuch here in Paris. Last Wednesday night was 'crazy hair night.' The girls were thrilled to participate. Abigail's age has a competition and she was ecstatic to win FIRST! Hope you enjoy these pics...

Monday, July 9, 2007

More Destin...

People were requesting more... :) I will try to post more soon... but here are two more for now.

Returned from Destin...

We had a WONDERFUL time in Destin, FL. It was uber nice to finally take a family vacation. God definitely blessed our trip with beautiful weather.