Sunday, September 16, 2007

Comments... :)

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Anyway... I want to know people are actually checking this out... otherwise... no need to post lol!


Isabelle is the Hoyle Family's newest soccer star!
She is totally loving it. :) Here are a few pics for you all to check out.

She has a SUPER POWER kick!

Taking a break for a quick drink! Whew... soccer is a workout! :)

Sadly this is how she wanted to spend most of the game... crying in my arms... :( she wanted me on the field with her... I know this is super odd, but this league does not allow the children to be attached to mother's hips for game play! *wink*

YAY CHALLENGERS!!! Awesome 1st game... you guys worked hard and it paid off!


The girls are attending AWANAS at a local chuch here in Paris. Last Wednesday night was 'crazy hair night.' The girls were thrilled to participate. Abigail's age has a competition and she was ecstatic to win FIRST! Hope you enjoy these pics...