Monday, October 15, 2007

This was another AWANAS night. OUCH NIGHT!
Our neighbors probably think some wild things with all the picture taking we do of the oddest situations. The girls thought this was just wonderfully fun!
AWANAS is really proving to be a TON of fun. The girl's lives are definitely being enriched!
ANYWAY love you guys... hope you have been enjoying these posts!


Joni said...

are you beating these children???? Just kiddin' - they are beautiful, gorgeous - you are blessed - remember that!

Mimi said...

They appear to be smiling through the pain...

Felicia said...

Your kids are just precious. they have the most beautiful eyes and look like they are having sooo much fun! You are such a talented photographer - you and Lori both. Yall just amaze me with what you can do with your pictures. I really need to take a class so I acn get better before my kids are grown! LOL
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