Sunday, August 17, 2008

olympics in our future... I mean... she has the EARS!!!

Okay... really I love it when I get the opportunity to remember one of those conversations with my children that just tickles you for days and days :)
Tonight... we were watching the olympics... of course... :) and I mentioned how Abigail has the perfect swimmers body - you know... she is super long and strong broad shoulders and really... I think she looks like a mini Michael Phelps!
Anyway... as I am saying she has a perfect body for swimming she turns to her father and I and says, "You know... I do have swimmers ears!"
You do? Through the giggling... who told you so... :)
"The doctor!"
SO... watch out world... my daughter at the age of 7 has swimmers ears :) yes... I know... I should get it checked out and possibly start on some drops.

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