Wednesday, July 23, 2008

my husband is AMAZING (did you hear that? eh JERM?)

he may irritate me on consistent basis, but he is pretty nifty :)

here's why:

our washer DIED!

now... I am obsessive... I like to have things washed and washed and WASHED! I cannot be without a washer.

However, a new washer is NOT in the budget (yes Dave Ramsey... we neglected to keep our emergency fund in tact) and therefore our options were to try and rent a washer OR use the laundromat for approximately the next two months. Now do not get me wrong... I actually do not mind the laundromat at all... you will learn, I am very COMMUNAL. BUT also I am lazy... and going to the laundromat every time I want something washed would make me insane.

SO... Jeremy got to work... we have known it was on its last leg for MONTHS and MONTHS now... laundry day usually went as follows - BONG BONG BONG BONG then JJEERREEMMYY!!! then a dashing Jeremy (yes he is handsome, but I was meaning the dashing like running) into the laundry room to readjust the items inside. Now you might say... just start making sure it is balanced to begin with, but you see... it always became unbalanced because the bands around the drum were worn :( it was free to hit all four sides with each rotation - resulting in BONG BONG BONG BONG! It did not matter how balanced we had the items in the washer... the bands were extremely loose causing the drum to spin freely in the washer hitting the sides. this has caused damage on the entire unit. it seems the motor is FINE, but the controls were not working.

We are in need of an entire washer/dryer set (we have had this since we married 8 years ago). BUT we want a front loading set and we do not currently have the budget for it. UNFORTUNATELY this means we had to figure something else out. we looked at several options, but Jeremy decided to get to work...

He has rigged our machine to work :) for $11...

It is going to require us to be the 'timers'... going in and switching from one cycle to the next, but honestly... the other current option was handwashing :)

check out his contraption!

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