Tuesday, July 22, 2008


so... first I must say I have an amazing husband... the fact he has the ability to come up with this solution is just spectacular, but I am writing because it is SUPER laughable!!!

our washer DIED!

for the past year or so... laundry time has gone like this... start the wash... everything goes nicely... then all of a sudden BONG BONG BONG BONG ... then JEERREEMMYY... and a mad dash into the laundry room to save the poor thing from spinning out of control.

it did not matter how balanced we had the items in the washer... the bands were extremely loose causing the drum to spin freely in the washer hitting the sides. this has caused damage on the entire unit. it seems the motor is FINE, but the controls were not working.

we are in need of an entire washer/dryer set (we have had this since we married 8 years ago). BUT we want a front loading set and we do not currently have the budget for it. UNFORTUNATELY this means we had to figure something else out. we looked at several options, but Jeremy decided to get to work...

he has rigged our machine to work :) for $11...

it is going to require us to be the 'timers'... going in and switching from one cycle to the next, but honestly... the other current option was handwashing :)

check out his contraption!

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