Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How about a blog from a STRUGGLING wife and mother?! I have searched and searched for a blog where the author was struggling with similar things as myself. I came up empty!
I am currently clinically depressed with anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. OH AND... I have Attention Deficit Disorder.
NOW... let me please let you all know HARDLY ANYONE knows... as far as anyone knows I am this normal wife and mother - possibly with a bit of an eccentric kick :). I am not this sick individual - walking around with my illness exposed like a freshman pimple on the end of my nose the night of my first school dance.

OKay... what does this mean?! If you are struggling with some or all of the same things it may be something DIFFERENT for YOU! However... this is what it looks like for me...

HA! well... if I spilled it all right now, what would the purpose of this blog be?!
I suppose I will just blog about my days as I go along... hope you enjoy the ride.

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