Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dave Ramsey said Dave Ramsey said Dave Ramsey said... GOSH when Dave Ramsey said to pick up part time work to help pay off debt - did he have any clue how LIFE INTERRUPTING it would be?! Does he not know a gal like me has too many obligations ALREADY?! I mean... how do I tell a new employer I cannot work Monday nights because I coach basketball for 3 basketball teams? cannot work Wednesday night because I am taking a ceramics class? cannot work Friday mornings because I have MOPS? AND I cannot work Saturday because I have games for the 3 basketball teams?

They have one simple response... YOU'RE FIRED.

Now... before everyone panics... I have decided to NOT tell anyone I have all these commitments :) I am thinking I will just fly by the seat of my pants... BECAUSE I LOVE to send my self tail spinning into a mental breakdown! YIPPEE! Mental breakdowns are super fun!

OH... and did I mention I need off by 3pm because my children get out of school... BUT I can certainly return after 4:30 when my husband returns home from work *wink*


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